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We had a discussion with Lincoln sometime last year to develop a network of developers, tech resources, and tech professionals for Africa without the noise in tech WhatsApp/Telegram groups.
And by the way, if you don't like receiving calls or texts from random strangers selling you bitcoins and s/he is ready to get married and settle in Africa as I do, then you need to join waiting list do not have FOMO you won't miss anything. Anyway, we bought the domain that night, and we've started working on the platform. I can't share much at the moment but I am happy about the project because it's going to solve a lot of pain.

Finally, I am not funny and don't have tech puns but I promise to share my thoughts, work(what am working on), knowledge, and skills maybe you can benefit from that so, why don't you subscribe to this blog for the sake of it, I need moral support to keep writing go-ahead just do it.

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